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Jonathan Turley’s Interview With John Cusack on Civil Liberties and Obama Published 1, September 3, 2012 Congress , Constitutional Law , Criminal law , Media , Politics , Society347 Comments

“On Huffington Post this week, John Cusack has published an interview with me on the record of the Obama Administration. For full disclosure, John and I grew up together in Chicago and our families have been very close since childhood. With John, I was part of the Piven Theater company with Anne and Joan Cusack (also with Aidan Quinn, Jeremy Piven, Bill Macey, and others involved with the company). John and I continue to discuss politics and philosophy – a regular past time over the holidays for decades over kitchen tables in Evanston and Chicago.”

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Obama admits that NDAA can be used against Americans, but then tries to justify the bill that violates over 320 million Americans rights. How can anyone vote for people like this? He works for us, but he has determined he can violate all our rights. This and his kill list should be enough to impeach him.


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