Drug Issues

End The War On Drugs

​ Time For Drug Laws To Go Up In Smoke The founding fathers understood that as a free people, we cannot dictate anothers conscious.

Drugs and alcohol were legal in our country for the first hundred plus years because our founding fathers understood that human consciousness is individual and not to be controlled by the government. Hence not until another is harmed has a crime taken place. Then we punish for the crime only. They had to pass an amendment for prohibition, because our Constitution did not and does no longer support dictating our conscious.

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Politicians Must Be Drug Tested

It is time we as citizens demand our politicians be drug-tested, until they end the war on drugs. However, we should not only test politicians, we should test judges, including the Supreme Court Justices.

​One may ask why or what good would it do etc., but this is pretty easy to answer. We simply demand that as long as they allow us to be tested, stating it is for safety reasons, then they must be tested because they have over 320 million lives in their hands.

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