End the War on Drugs

End the War on Drugs.

​ Time For Drug Laws To Go Up In Smoke
The founding fathers understood that as a free people, we cannot dictate anothers conscious.

Drugs and alcohol were legal in our country for the first hundred plus years because our founding fathers understood that human consciousness is individual and not to be controlled by the government. Hence not until another is harmed has a crime taken place. Then we punish for the crime only. They had to pass an amendment for prohibition, because our Constitution did not and does no longer support dictating our conscious.

Now I understand that many have personal experiences of drugs or alcohol ruining their lives, family members and friends etc. However, this does not mean everyone else should be dictated to, just because another has a bad experience.

My mother was obese, so should I tell all everyone they cannot ever eat one more fattening food or drink. After-all foods kill too and not all food is needed for a good healthy life. My grandfather was murdered in 1950 by two hitchhikers. Surely his death warrants all guns be confiscated. My family was harmed from prescription medications. Therefore, all prescriptions should be illegal.

I know it is absurd right. Yet, look how many are willing to dictate to all of us how to live, just because something happens to them. They now feel it is alright to determine everyone else’s fates. To use one’s own life to dictate another person’s life is ridiculous. In fact more people have died in the name of religion and money. Where are the prisons to house the religious and those who partake in currency? We cannot criminalize everything to somehow achieve the false sense of safety.

It is time to help each other as fellow humans, not jail each other. Leave the jails for killers, rapist, child molesters, and other real criminals. Might I suggest even war criminals, treasonous politicians, corrupt bankers and CEO’s. After-all they kill in the multi of millions through policy and no one escapes their corruption in one way or another. Instead, let us focus on rehabs, clinics, safe dispensaries, drug licenses (like alcohol licenses) etc. Let people drink, get high, and enhance or screw their lives up if they want. If they hurt no one and are putting no other life in danger, then no crime occurred. However the moment they drive doped up or put another in harm’s way, then the law will punish them for the actual crime.

Let us get rid of the corruption from drug money, the killing for drugs and its money, and the countless other crimes that occur because of the war on drugs. Let us help be healers to those who want it, and let us not be dictating each other’s lives.

This war has gotten us nothing but millions of deaths, moms and dads in jails, innocent bystanders killed, all while only making rich those at the highest of levels who never get caught or pay the price, but are willing to sacrifice even the most innocent in their so called drug war.

Of course there is more to discuss on the issue of drugs such as treatment, drugs in the workplace, etc. However, we need to get people to see how the policies we have in place and how this war that rages on is not only useless and costly, but how it is dangerous to us all.

“It behooves every man who values liberty of conscience for himself, to resist invasions of it in the case of others: or their case may, by change of circumstances, become his own.” – Thomas Jefferson

​We the people cannot afford this war anymore.

By: Influence Freedom


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