Politicians Must Be Drug Tested

It is time we as citizens demand our politicians be drug-tested, until they
end the war on drugs. However, we should not only test politicians, we
should test judges, including the Supreme Court Justices.

​One may ask why or what good would it do etc., but this is pretty easy to
answer. We simply demand that as long as they allow us to be tested,
stating it is for safety reasons, then they must be tested because they
have over 320 million lives in their hands.

A president potentially has the entire earth’s population in their hands.
This means by the very argument used against us, about safety of others,
that we MUST test the president, all congressional leaders, senators,
and judicial bodies.

​Do not let them slide, or make excuses for them, or worry about false
positives. After-all Americans get fired and lose their jobs due to false
positives, even when people are truly clean of that substance and never
used it. We all know this happens and if Americans can lose their
livelihood due to testing, raids, and ridiculous prison sentences, all in the name of safety, well then, why should the very people who have the most lives in their hands be exempt?

We cannot even grow hemp because of ridiculous federal laws. Laws
that are bypassing the will of the states and now we have over 23 states who
have allowed medical marijuana and a few who allow recreational use.
Yet, the federal end has decided they are allowed to supersede the will of
the people of those states. Is this really for our safety?

​Industrial hemp, a plant that is clean fuel, fabric, seed and so much more,
that is massive employment opportunity that we can be utilizing in this
horror story of an economy and yet what do we do? We allow these politicians and judges and their minions (DEA, etc) to disrupt fellow
Americans lives depriving us of medicinal marijuana, jobs, another clean fuel and much more. We then allow killing and imprisoning of our fellow
Americans, and people of other nations, over this drug war.

​​How crazy is it that industrial hemp is not the ‘get me high’ plant, but a
‘jobs growth’ plant, and we cannot even grow this in the once upon a time prosperous industrial nation?

Listen my fellow Americans, now is the time to really put pressure on those we elect, and one way to do this is to start getting petitions going
that demand all politicians, and judges etc., be tested frequently for narcotics. If they test positive, they must attend drug treatment classes,
and step down from office for at least 3 months, and are not allowed to
campaign until they are retested and test clean.
You want to see a quick policy change on drugs?

I think we should also demand breathalyzers before they can vote on
the house and senate floor. We must make sure they have not been
drinking before deciding on any policies that effect us all.

Oh, does checking for drinking sound excessive? Tough, they will allow it
done to you, for again, so-called safety. Our livelihoods and lives are
in their hands, so buck up and test.

Until they quit intruding on us in the name of safety, then they have to all be tested too for all our safety. We the people must not allow them to demand laws on us that they themselves do not have to obey.

​How will we pay for testing? We will simply shut down an agency that is
truly not needed and actually hurts us the people and use those funds.
How about the Department of Education (Scam agency), or the FDA
seems useless lately, they allow Monsanto to poison us, or how about the
IRS? Trust me, we surely can cut funds to test the so-called leaders, and
justices of the free world.

​One may wonder why I say “so-called” when speaking of our politicians.
Point of fact is they are acting more like tyrants and not leaders who
should be remembering they are supposed to represent us, not dictate to

You want to truly end the war against us, by ending the war on drugs? Get
petitions out, and start a real movement on this testing of the political body and judicial body, and we will indeed create change once and for all.

By:Influence Freedom

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