Time for Good Police to Stop the Bad

The police need to help create the change from within the very departments they work for.

Often we hear people say that we don’t know the whole story. They say that the tape is not always what it seems.

I beg to differ. I say sometimes the tape says it all.

Let’s take a look at this video specifically before I continue. Take special note at 3:15 as the police plant the drugs in a team effort.


Do you think this is rare? Fortunately here they were caught. Sadly they were not permanently fired. No officers behaving like this deserve a second chance as the duty it is to serve the people. If we tolerate this in any way then change will not come.

Officers Plant Drugs


If police want the respect of the public it has to be earned. Being silent and not helping to bring about true change in their departments is no longer able to be tolerated by the people. I understand there are good officers out there. However, if they are silent, and do not help to bring about change in their own departments then they are not being good officers. They are being enablers of bad behavior.

With all the drones coming, unconstitutional invasions of privacy, and leadership that thinks they can lock up its own citizens without due process anymore, then how long can we bear silence anymore? We the people can no longer stand for silence in the face of horrible behaviors of those who are supposed to serve its public. It is time to wake up and shake off the slumber of silence. We must OWN OUR LIBERTY.



We need to understand our rights and also the fight or flight mentality. Why do I say this? Often times when officers taze or slam a person to the ground, the person will go into fight or flight mode.

Imagine you are stopped by an officer. The officer asks you questions, that really you do not have to answer. However, you are trying to be relaxed and let the officers go way to far in the detainment of you. They start searching your belongings with or without cause, etc.,and you happen to not really know how to handle the over-all situation within your rights. Then one of the officers threatens to punch you. Now you have been alright, you have let the officer go way to far violating your rights, and to top it off one of them threatens to punch you. Now, you stand up for yourself, and the next thing you know, you are on the ground. Then tazed. Your body is in fight or flight mode. I mean, we are normal people who are not conditioned with a life training to somehow defeat the minds response to this fight or flight mentality. So, of course you do not act to some perfect script of submission. You may be yelling in pain, you could be trying to escape the pain, you may be in total disbelief, you may just lay there crying, and most importantly you are trying to preserve your life. No one can know how their body will respond to these conditions. However, what do many of the officers do while a person is completely in a state of mind that is not of normal understanding? They yell, taze, and kick, and hit even more. They say it is to get control of the situation. CONTROL? How about not getting into this position in the first place by being the cause of it. Now understand, I am not saying officers do not need to use force in some situations. However, we have officers creating the issues to start with in many cases. The people say that the person should have listened and laid still. Well let us shock the living hell out of your body and throw you to the ground, when you know it is clearly excessive force, and let’s see how well your body reacts to laying perfectly still.

Let’s review a an example. Warning extremely graphic.


Let’s review an example. Warning extremely graphic part 2.


Aftermath Warning Graphic


Please note that Ramos is constantly talking down to Thomas. Thomas offers his backpack up without issue. Ramos continues to berate Thomas over how he is sitting, then threatens to attack him. Ramos talking like a thug changes everything. The officers tackle Thomas. However, Thomas is now starting fight or flight, as he cannot breathe. How do officers respond? They taze him over and over and over again, while beating his face in. They claim Thomas is on drugs, but also a person fighting for their life can act this way. He is trying to live. They yell at him to perform a function of rolling over onto his stomach but he is actually being tazed. He is fighting for his life. In the end Thomas loses and dies.

Officers are the ones who go through training, they are the ones who should be able to remain cool. We the people are not trained, hence we are the ones who may not be cool. However, we the people are expected to be chill, while the officers get to over react. With this, I hope to have shed light on how it is difficult to obey any order when your mind is trying to preserve your life and its very existance.

By: Influence Freedom


Own Our Liberty

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